Otterley Press aims to soar even higher in 2017!

Last year Sani Pass: Revealing its Secrets by James Colman and Celebrating Gardens in Style by Sue Sandrock were our highlights  but it is only March and we have already launch two books. Both reveal Otterley’s eclectic coverage: Missing the Boat by David Jeppe – a rollicking nautical tale with a surprise ending and Speech after long silence  - a collection of new poems by the well-known Moira Lovell. Both launches were wonderful occasions and well supported;  David Jeppe’s book  at Love Books in Johannesburg and Moira Lovell’s at The Wykkeham Collegiate School where, until recently, she was head of the English Department.

In the pipeline we have:

 The French Prince: From Tragedy to Transformation by Glen Flanagan

There have been many books, mostly on a military nature on the Prince Imperial who was tragically killed in Zululand in 1879 thus signalling the end of the Bonaparte Dynasty. This book presents  information on the Prince as a person,  and the interest shown by cultural tourism towards the   communities  living near the place where he fell  have transformed their lives,

Pickled edited by Jeffery Wailer

A collection of  tried and tested recipes from celebrities and happy everyday cooks

The Unofficial Odyssey by Jane Fox

This beautifully illustrated gift book  will intrigue  all as Jane takes us on  an imaginary journey peopled  by those left behind on Ithaca when Homer and his men went  gallivanting to Troy

Farmhouses in Old Natal : The Midlands and its Periphery edited by Jacqueline Kalley.

Documents over thirty farmhouses and the families that lived in them dating from the 1850s  and photographs by Hugh Bland  reveal  the glory days of these wonderful old houses and in many cases, their slow decline, this book will become Africana Collectors’ Items  and a record for posterity.

 So watch this space for more developments for Otterley Press!